Story of Hospitality Hiring Europe

The dire shortage of hospitality professionals has been a growing problem in recent years and the COVID-19 pandemic has added to it. In 2020, hotel operator: Black Label Hospitality started recruiting staff from southern Europe. This as the vacancies spread across four hotels in South Limburg could not be filled (fast enough) by Dutch employees. This quickly turned out to be a huge success as the vacancies were filled within two months by very enthusiastic, motivated and passionate hospitality professionals from Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

In conversation with other hospitality entrepreneurs, we came to the conclusion that the demand for hospitality professionals is so high that a number of entrepreneurs immediately approached us with the question of how Black Label Hospitality supplemented its workforce with Southern European employees so quickly and whether we could share some ‘tips and tricks’ with them regarding the recruitment and selection of employees from Southern Europe.

Since we want to protect our common love, namely the hospitality industry, and support fellow hospitality entrepreneurs in solving their staffing problems, the idea was born to set up Hospitality Hiring Europe and so it happened.

Hospitality Hiring Europe is a recruitment agency based in the Netherlands, with our headquarters in Sittard. Our head office employs dedicated professionals with over 25 years of relevant experience in the hospitality industry.

Together with a team of recruiters in Southern Europe, we strive to bring ambitious professionals and esteemed clients together and fill the clients’ demand as efficiently as possible and within two weeks.

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